MAEM was established in the city of Copenhagen in 2016 by the designer May Naes. 

MAEM's world is a world of femininity, independence, and colour. Therefore its creations will not be released in conventional collections, but rather in a steady continuous flow that matches the need of the modern consumer. 

The creations will always have a feminine silhouette and be inspired by the colours of the time when they are released. 

The styles by MAEM should inspire and challenge the consumer in the way they have constructed their wardrobe.

MAEM's inspiration has its root in the nordic culture with is classic designs, but the use of colour in the styles is very inspired from the Mediterranean and Asian cultures.  

This combination of Nordic, Mediterranean and Asian Culture brings each style to life. 

MAEM aspires to be a brand for the modern urban woman who wants to have a classical look that stands out so she can show off her individuality.

This can be at work, in a formal setting or when she is out and about alone or with friends.